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Common Treatments

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EOS Expanded Outside Service

Outside treatment that includes a 10 -15 foot barrier around the house. Includes treatment around all windows and doors. This treatment is designed to use less residual products inside the house by stopping the insects before they enter.  If a problem should arise inside, we will specifically target the problem at no additional charge.

Executive Service

This service includes treating the interior and exterior of the house, the entire lawn and all shrubs for invading insects. This is great for ant, chinch bug and cockroach control.

Pest Control with Termite Protection Option

For an additional fee, you have the option to include termite protection. This service covers any cost of treatment if termites should infest your house or business.

We also offer all service options at scheduled service intervals including: monthly, quarterly, and annually.

All services are fully warranted and come with a 48 hour guarantee!

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